12'000 pcs per year.

To add great value to our customers, 2-Ply is a fully integrated knitwear company driven by its passion and persistence for high-quality and excellence.

Has been serving the European luxury fashion houses and American high-fashion brands since 1993.

with thirty years of track record for high-quality, and on time deliveries for pure cashmere, cashmere-blends, finest RWS wools, mulberry silk, organic cotton, RAS alpaca, RMS mohair, and fancy yarns in natural fibers, we offer unique advantages to our customers.

Reputable quality of knitted ready-to-wear

Unbroken track record of reliable deliveries

High-fashion sample development and product management

Very strong R&D capabilities

Knitwear from gauge 1.5 up to 18, made of the best European and Chinese yarn

Service-driven and customer-oriented operation

Excellence in Social Compliance