Top quality and top workmanship are the prerequisites in luxury fashion world.

We offer it to you as such.

R&D Specialist
Job Description:

1. Group customers’ sample yarn procurement (domestic yarn and some imported yarn), accurately and timely communicate with the yarn factory, track the delivery time and quality of yarn orders

2. Responsible for translating and following up on sample materials (from sample clothing invoicing to final sample clothing product shipment), coordinating production with the sample center, QC and other departments in a timely manner, and reporting any problems encountered to the supervisor in a timely manner

3. Cooperate with the supervisor to arrange the production preparation work for each customer’s bulk goods in this group, carefully prepare the sample clothing styles, relevant technical data, and instructions for each season’s bulk goods. Assist in solving and timely feedback on problems in bulk production

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree, CET4 level. Good English written and oral communication skills

2. Understand the basic process of yarn procurement and sweater production, and have a certain sense of fashion

3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, strong sense of responsibility, and proactive

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