Top quality and top workmanship are the prerequisites in luxury fashion world.
We offer it to you as such.

Pure cashmere yarns (from Italy, China and Mongolia), silk yarns (from Japan, Italy and China), cashmere/silk blended yarns (from Italy and China), organic cotton yarns (from Switzerland, Italy and China), alpaca yarns (from Italy), fine merino wool yarns (from Italy and Südwolle) and fancy yarns (from Italy and China).

Pure cashmere, mulberry silk, silk and cashmere blends, fine combed Merino wool from Italy, organic cotton, other fashionable blends of natural fibers, and fancy yarns make the bulk of our products and the basis for our high-standard and reputable quality, from the first to the last piece produced.

Quality also means exactitude: we deliver with 0% deviation from your order breakdown and our rate of returned goods is below 0.1%, for a demanding set of customers.

Is top quality a prerequisite For Your High Fashion Collections? Visit Us And Work With Us.

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